Flatout Autos - Modern GMC Jimmy

Full 3D. Flatout is giving the people what they want by giving them a 2 door option with removable top. This isn't just a GMC single cab it's unibodied with rear seating and seatbelts with custom shell topper. Yes you can order one by contacting Flatout Autos directly!

Flatout Autos Website

Flatout Autos - Modern K5

Full 3D. I animated these as well to promote them for SEMA. It was a hit!

Flatout Autos Website

Sintor Trucks

Image Edit. I mostly assist with color changes to help their clients decide how they want their custom trucks to be build. These trucks are already predesigned by Sintor. However I've had a little fun on my IG page making them into SUVs and other wild things.

Sintor Website

Smyth Performance

Full 3D. Smyth Performance sells kits that can convert cars into UTEs. This one was one I helped them to create thier latest kits which include widebody option.

Smyth Performance Website

Big Bear Jeep Experience

Image Edit. Big Bear Jeep Experience has this Jeep Cabover pickup sitting in their shop as a future project and I helped them visualize it. I can't wait to see it come to life hopefully one day!

Big Bear Jeep Experience Website