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Smyth Utes by WB.Artist20

Smyth Utes by WB.Artist20

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Introducing Smyth Utes by WB.Artist20!

I'm offering to build a limited number of Charger, Chrysler 300, and VW Beetle Utes/Trucks (and other Smyth Utes)  to a few people starting 2024!

You must drive one to understand how much positive attention these things get! If you're a business owner, it's almost a must have! Nearly all of my content that I post about my Ute always performs well and many times goes viral; people just love them!

The build will include custom touches beyond the standard Smyth kit including a full hi-resolution 3D render by me and designed to your specs. 


As with any custom build that's a loaded question as it depends on what all you want done to it and how much you spend on the donor car. I personally spent a lot of time and resources figuring out what works and what doesn't to accomplish the look of my personal build aka "Project Rampage". Here's an example of what the least expensive option would look. Keep in mind it's just an example of the Charger the Beetle would be less, for example:

  • Donor Car - $7k - 15k or more (you can get a  really nice car via Auction that's been wrecked from behind). I can buy almost any car from IAA and Copart on your behalf. 
  • Smyth Ute Kit - $4,490.00 direct from or you can buy through me; it will be the same price. 
  • Labor and material can range from $25,000 to $50,000.
  • All in with cost of donor car + labor + material you could have a highly custom, one of kind, absolute show stopper for around $32k - 75k depending on the donor car and what all you get done to it. 
  • ShopPay will finance up to $30,000.00 via my website for qualified applicants. 

WB Artist20 Exclusive Custom Options Example:

  • Custom 3D Hi Res Render by WB.Artist20
  • Custom OEM Style Side Window Trim
  • Custom Interior
  • Custom Badges 
  • Kit Install/Body Work
  • Custom - Charger Style Rear Side Vent s
  • Custom ABS Bed Caps
  • Air Suspension
  • Custom Wrap
  • Custom Paint Job
  • Carbon Fiber Hood
  • Brembo Brakes (V8 non pursuit models only)
  • Carbon Fiber Steering Wheel
  • Spray-in Bed Liner
  • Custom Wheels
  • Custom 3 Piece Spoiler
  • Custom Rear Diffuser
  • Custom Mod Ram Taillights
  • Charger Tailgate Handle
  • Wide Body kit
  • Custom Bed Matt 


You can provide the donor car or you can buy one through me. I have access to Auction sites (IAA/COPART) so I can provide you a perfect donor car that's got some rear damage at a fraction of the cost. The Smyth kits take about 6 weeks to come in so we have time to shop around for the perfect car!


All work will be backed by a 1 year warranty with the exception of the donor car and it's core components that were original to the car.


The purpose of the $100 refundable deposit is to weed out the "window shoppers" who will only waste my time and theirs. Within 2 weeks after I receive your deposit I will setup a time to discuss the build with you. If after the call you decide you don't want to do it I will refund your money. If you do decide you want one, it will be credited towards the build. 



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