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Reserve My Ute

Reserve My Ute

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Are you ready to chop your Charger or 300 in half  and shake up the muscle car scene?!

Well it's official! I'm offering to build a limited number of Charger or Chrysler 300 based Utes/Trucks to a few people starting early 2024!

After building my own and driving it around town I realized this is an experience I would love to help people have. This thing turns more heads than, dare I say a super car or even a classic muscle car!? Yet it's practical enough to go to home depot and get some supplies!

The build utilizes a Smyth Ute/Truck conversion kit but I put my own touch on the Smyth kit. You will get a custom 3D render high resolution render done by yours truly, but what also makes mine different than any other Smyth Ute are my custom touches such as the custom rear side vent off the Charger, side window trim, custom spoiler, ram taillights, charger tailgate handle, bed caps, and custom rear diffuser. There will be many more options but this all depends on your budget.

You can provide the donor car or you can buy one through me. I have access to Auction sites so I can provide you a Charger that's got some rear damage and at a fraction of the cost of a perfectly good one; which makes this the perfect donor because we chop the rear off anyway! 

If you put down a fully refundable deposit of $1,500.00 this will put you on the list; however it is not guaranteed we will build the car for you. Upon receipt of your deposit I will setup a call to make sure we are a good fit for each other and all expectations are set. If everyone agrees we proceed to the next step!


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